Designer Roles Survey 2022

Hi and welcome!

What is this Survey about and why is it important?
We have seen a need of a common understanding and articulation of what different designers do in order to help both individuals and organizations to do better work, set better expectations and help increase job satisfaction.

The ambition with this initiative is to get a clearer and more consistent understanding of what different types of designers do and what to expect from different roles at different levels.

As a result of our research the Design Leadership Community will compile a guide for leaders and organisations that are in the position of hiring and leading designers, and for designers when i. e applying for a job or having conversation around career and development with employers.

To that end, we ask you to go through a list of typical design tasks and tell us how often you do them. Please be as honest as possible and base your answers on your past behavior rather than your desired workflow.

All answers are anonymous. The list is by no means exhaustive – you are welcome to suggest or describe what you think are the important tasks we’ve missed.

This survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time.

A huge thanks in advance.

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