Buddy program

The purpose of the Buddy program is to help professional Design Leaders get inspiration, support & coaching by experienced leaders in the field. Our Buddy program is similar to a mentor program, but you coach and learn simultaneously. You will be matched with another professional from our network, but we encourage all our participants to use the community to connect, exchange ideas and experiences.

We had a great connection. Every time we met we both learned something new from each other. We pushed each other to learn new things on a consistent basis

Design Leader

It was super to have the coaching-training as a platform to build on

Design Leader

Do you need a Design Leadership Buddy?
We will offer around 10 couples a place. To apply for the program you will need a formal leadership position, and you can choose between two orientations; 

  1. Organizational Leadership (i.e. Leading companies) or
  2. Team leadership (i.e. Leading Teams) 

    Important to mention that both tracks above are regardless mode of employment. You can be a consultant on temporary assignment, self-employed, working for an organization or government.

The matching is then done within the two orientations and the specific focus areas that you are interested in (as far as possible).

The program run once a year, starts in the fall and is facilitated by Jenny Fossum

Apply here for the 2023/24 Buddy Program

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