The State of Design — Swedish Edition 2020 demography

Here are the demographic numbers so you will get a better picture of who answered this year survey.


  • Male: Red
  • Female: Blue/green

What is your gender?

The numbers are quite different from last year (male 51% and woman 47%).

What is your age? 

The largest group who answered the survey were between 26 and 45, same as previous year.

What is your design experience? 

The largest groups who answered have worked with design for 2–5 years. The largest male group who answered have worked 20 years. The largest female group who answered have worked 2 years.  

Note: Blue is “Do not want to answer” and yellow is “Other”

What type of company do you work at?

Most people who answered work in product/service companies or consulting. 

What is your title?

Most people are using the title UX Designer who answered the survey. As we broaden the survey this year to include other types of designers like Manager, UX Writer, Directors or Product Designer we also got some responses from these disciplines.

We group the roles into groups to help to the analysis.

  • Designer 306 (273 answers 2019)
  • Senior Designer 55 (9 answers 2019)
  • Design Leader & manager: 49 (58 answers 2019)

Last year more Design Leaders answered the survey. Design leadership is a natural part of the industry, and it evolves, what we can see is that the role, UX Lead, seems to go up. The highest level in the Swedish organizations this year is VP which is the first time we see this. There are some roles on middle manager level or as a strategic Head of… 

This year we see more people calling themself Product Designer, a trend we are seeing in the US. There seems to be lots of confusion of what a Product Design vs UX Designer vs Service Designer is and does.

“Others” include titles like Brand and Innovation Strategist, Business Architect, Chief Experience Officer, Design Director, Design Lead, Design Researcher, Advisor, Founder, Förvaltningsledare, Growth designer, Head of Product and design, Human-Computer Interaction Professional, Innovation Manager, Kommunikatör med inriktning webbstrategi, Lead Service Designer, Lead User Researcher, Principal UX designer, Production Designer / Artworker, Produktägare och, UX/UI Designer, Research assistant, Senior Product Designer, Senior UX designer, Service Design Lead, Software Engineer, Student, UI designer, User research lead, User Researcher, UX & Service Designer, UX Data Analyst, UX Designer & Strategist, UX Engineer, UX generalista, UX psychologist, UX Researcher, UX Service Designer, UX strategist, UX Writing Manager, UX-lead & software developer, UX-strategist, UX/UI & Front-end, UX/UI Designer & UX/UI Intern

Where do you work?

88% who answered work in Sweden’s three largest cities, even though there is a spread in many other smaller ones.

Other cities include: Borås, Helsingborg, Linköping, Västerårs and some cities from abroad.

What school have you attended?

Most people have gone to school at Stockholm University, KTH, Berghs, Chalmers, Linköping University or Umeå University. There is a mix between traditional universities and more professional schools like Berghs, Hyper Island and Nackademin. It is interesting to see the big number of different schools people attend who call themself designers. People who answered could answer multiple answers.

We removed “other” from the above data but below you can see what schools everyone have attended.

In the other bucket we found: Aarhus University, Denmark, Academy of Art University,, Arizona State University, Autodidakt,  Beckmans College of Design, BI Norwegian Business School,  Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Brobygrafiska, Brunel University, BTH, , Business Academy Aarhus in Denmark,  C3L, Capital School of Multimedia,  Central S:t Martins, Copenhagen Business School, Coventry University, UK, Dalarna University, Glasgow school of art, Halmstad University, Handelsakademin, HDK Göteborg, Hellidens folkhögskola,  Henley Business Scool, HKR – Kristianstad högskola, HTU, Högskolan I Borås, Högskolan I Gävle, Högskolan I Växjö, Högskolan Kristianstad, IED (European Institute of Design),  Jensen Education, Jorge tadeo, Lozano University (Colombia), Jönköping University, Karlstad university, Kristianstad högskola, Kulturama, Lasalle College of The Arts, Singapore, Linnaeus University, Lisbon Fine Arts School, LTH, Luleå University of Technology, Lund University, Masters of media, MDH, Mediability, Medieinstitutet, Michigan university,, Mittuniversitetet, National University of Ireland, Galway, Oxford University, Pacific Lutheran University & University of Washington, Pacificera lutheran university, Politecnico di Milano, Polytechnic of Turin,, Product Desing PUC-PR (Brazil),  Queensland college of art, Royal College of Art in London, Ryerson University (in Canada) , Santa Barbara City College, Savannah College of Art & Design, Sollentuna Fria Gymnasium, Srishti School of Art & Design, SWIT, The Danish Design School, Copenhagen, TU Delft, UDP, Chile, Universidad Iberoamericana, University college of Gävle, University of Applied Sciences Darmstad, University of Arts London, University of Halmstad, University of Rome, Uqam, YRGO

What educational level did you go to?

This year most people answered who has a Bachelor (same as last year) and Master (up 2%). There is a trend that more women who answer have a degree than men. 

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