Why are we charging for some of our services?

The Design Leadership Community (DLC) are working to become a non-profit organisation. This will probably happen during 2021. The team behind the community is presently working on their own spare time and also paying for administration and infrastructure from their own pockets.

In order to allow the DLC to continue its work and to expand its offerings, we need to introduce fees for some of our services.

  • We will be become a non-profit organisation (ideell förening) where any profit goes back to the organisation and to the members.
  • We will evaluate different payment and subscription options during 2021, some our options are
    • member’s fee
    • specific fees for being part of the buddy program
    • access to some of the summaries in the State of Design Report
    • paying for joining our meetups
  • We will not sell or share any data to third parties. We believe that instead of selling our and your data, using ads or making you the product we want to be open with our business model
  • By being a non-profit organisation we will be able to use free or highly discounted services, infrastructure, premises and allow sponsorships to be more accessible for outside partners.