Slack Guidelines

Here are our guidelines of etiquettes for Slack (our digital forum)

  1. Conversations on this community should be treated as off the record and confidential. If you wish to quote or share something written here, please check with the author first.
  2. Please read our Code of Conduct. If you feel harassed or mistreated in any way, please contact the Design Leadership Team or mail us direcly.
  3. Do not sell your product or services in the general channels or by DM. This community is for sharing experience and insights. If you want to share your products and services please do that in the #marketplace channel.
  4. You can write in English or Swedish, the author of the thread decide(s) what language should be (used)
  5. Practice the Platinum rule – treat others how they’d like to be treated – everyone’s been very cool so far and we’d all like to keep it that way.
  6. Reward those who contribute useful things – an emoji goes a long way and it’s just a click. Then they’ll know to post more of what you appreciate.
  7. If you respond to a specific question, tend towards starting a thread, especially in #_discussion. Many people only read this slack after work (or in different time zones) and without threads it’s hard to catch up.
  8. Avoid using notification bombs like here & channel, especially in #_discussion
  9. If you think the community brings any value, please share it to others so we can grow.
  10. Fill out your profile – It’s not hard – allows people to find you by search (and you them). A nice photo and what you do and work is good start. It’s great when we meet.